Your life is a reflection of the beliefs you hold.

Whether you think you can or can’t,  you’re right.  Henry Ford

Whatever your beliefs are,  you’re right! And this does not imply that someone who holds a different perspective from yours is wrong,  you create your own reality therefore,  whatever you believe becomes true for you… The prime question always remains,  what do you want to be right about? Because the truth of it is,  you get to choose.

You create your own reality ― Seth

Through changing your beliefs,  you change your life. Some believes that you hold no longer serve you and being willing to let go of such beliefs is vital to seeing changes in areas of your life.

You are so free; you can choose bondage  Abraham Hicks

Reality as it is,  is created and is subject to change. And no matter how logical it seems to believe that we all live in the same world and as such participate in the same reality,  it simply isn’t true. The only difference between a person who life is treating well and a person who life is treating not so well is the perspective they both hold,  in other words,  their beliefs and expectations… Those who have come to expect; through their experiences, that people are usually unkind often encounter more reasons to further believe in their reality of an unkind world. While those who simply expect people to be kind often come in contact with kind people in their daily encounter. There is a match for everyone and life is always honouring your perception of it by matching you up with experiences that match your core beliefs. Your life is a reflection of the beliefs you hold.



As you believe so shall it be done – Matthew 9:29

Changing some details of your life isn’t about making external changes such as changing the way you present yourself so that others perceive you differently, or about changing the friends you keep,  these types of changes are never long lasting because your perception will always dominate your experiences until you come to the conclusion that nothing ever works out for you or that the world is simply unfair; which is yet another distorted perception that will yet again; reflect in your experiences.

Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates. ―Brian Adams.

Effective life changes are to be made from the inside-out and not the other way around, therefore it all boils down to thinking about situations and circumstances differently until the change in your mode of thinking begins to reflect in your life,  that’s how new beliefs are formed.

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking ― Abraham Hicks


Starting from today,  you can begin building new beliefs by altering your perception a little bit at a time and as the universe begins to respond to your new thoughts, this changes will further give you more positive expectations. Folks,  YOUR EXPECTATION IS EVERYTHING!

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