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I’m sure a lot of us can relate with the fact that when we feel good, we just naturally feel inclined to do good, it is like going with the natural flow of the stream, it gets so effortless you don’t need to paddle. Whereas, when you feel not-so-good, you try really really hard to keep your cool, and it gets very unsettling because your natural inclination conflicts with your ‘posed’ attitude – that’s the exact opposite of going with the flow, it is like paddling against the current of the stream, it’s a tough ride!

Your action is an extension of your emotion therefore it takes a lot of unnecessary efforts to resist the urge of going with the flow of a bad emotion; however it takes a lot of ease to go with the flow of an already established good emotion. How you feel, that is – your emotion, plays a fundamental role in how you act (toward others) and react (to situations), as well as the decisions you make. As stated in my previous post – Thoughts of the day | Inspirational Shift; jealousy for example, isn’t a natural trait, it is a product of insecurity. When people feel insecure (which is a ‘down’ emotion) their natural inclination is never to uplift, because for anyone to be an ‘up’lifter, they have to be ‘up’ in order to ‘lift’; which typically explains why anyone who is insecure finds it hard to encourage and appreciate others, or to witness them in appreciation of themselves without feeling the need to put them down directly or indirectly. It isn’t because these people are bad people, it is only logical that when you’re down, it is easier to ‘pull’ people down to your level, than to ‘lift’ them up to a higher level, you can’t give what you lack.

The impulse or the urge to directly or indirectly make people feel less, or to justify their flaw, is a reflection of how you feel on the inside.

Unhappy people ‘pull’ from below, happy people ‘lift’ from above. Be an uplifter, not a down-puller  – Inspirational shift

‘To belittle, you have to be little’ – Kahlil Gibran

I am not a proponent of dictating your actions so as to appear a certain way in order to extract a desired response from people; rather, i’m an advocate of dictating your emotions so as to feel a certain way, in order to naturally and effortlessly extract a desired action and reaction from yourself.

I am on a constant self-improvement path which implies that, just as everyone else, i am constantly and forever evolving. Apart from the fact that i find my inspirational posts refreshing to compose, my favourite aspect of putting them out is that sometimes even I get inspired by the words I’ve documented in my times of clarity (times like this).

Setting the intention: Setting a clear and active intention on how you want to feel could be very fundamental to maintaining a desired emotional state throughout your day. One of the best quote that has been inspired through me goes- Let nobody’s decision to be unkind have an impact on your decision to be kind, and this goes hand in hand with the saying- if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anythingSetting your intention earlier on in the day establishes a momentum that will, during the course of the day, get stronger and easier to maintain.

Think purposefully: When you think a thought, you create. Have you ever been in a situation where you begin to contemplate the negative aspects of someone, and then more thoughts about their negative aspects begin to occur to you, till soon you’re having a negative and hateful conversation with someone else about them, even though you’d soon be wishing you never said all that you said? Well, Thats the power of the momentum of thought; your actions MUST in every occasion correlate with how you feel- based on the thoughts you’ve been thinking. The good new is, the momentum of thought could also be used positively by paying attention to the positive aspects of the people you interact with. The more you practice thinking good thoughts, the easier they’ll naturally just occur to you.

Be the change: Most importantly, the best way to BE is to BE THE CHANGE, and the best way to teach is through example.

I am aware that I naturally tend to portray life to be easier than some experience it to be… Most people believe that life isn’t easy and that it isn’t suppose to be; they try to justify their worthiness through how hard things have been for them. They derive their confidence and sense of worthiness by comparing how hard they’ve strived as opposed to others; but the truth of it is- Life’s only as easy, or as tough as you perceive and as a result ‘unconsciously’ expect it to be for you, and you’re just as worthy and as deserving as (not an inch more than) anyone else.


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