My weekly online favorites #1

Hey guys, i hope you’re all well and fine. I’ve been MIA for a while now, partly because i’ve been quite busy; but also because i do not have a photographer. In the past i’d usually take snapshots from video clips; but i am now ready to step up a little by using mainly still photos on my blog. We all know that blogging has to do, to a very very large extent, with good photography; and because i’m not the type to settle for mediocre photos, I’ve been working a little extra at learning how to take my own photos (becoming my own photographer), and hopefully i’ll be back and better by next week soon.
But meanwhile i’ve been inspired, through stalking all the fashion blogs on the planet :p, to incorporate a SHOP MY WEEKLY FAVORITES into my website; this is an idea that I’ve had to modify in order to make my own unique idea (If anyone else does this, i am unaware)… Hard to admit, but i spend quite some time on fashion websites; and usually i find a huge array of innovatively modern outfit styles that i like, and would love to share. I am all about shinning spotlights on goodies; all my friends know i find it hard to be quite about the things that i like, and so i thought whats a better way to share with others than showcasing MY WEEKLY ONLINE FAVORITES.  

My intention is to frequently take notes of; and share with you guys, on a weekly basis, the nuggets that i find online; in the hope that  this perhaps exposes you to other brands and websites that you might have been previously unaware of. Also, because sales and coupon codes are the best things on the planet, i’ll use my exceptional internet surfing and website stalking skills to bring you some coupons to shop with; GURRRRL I GATCHU! mmkay?!

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Without further ado, below are my weekly online favorites of the week; in order to view more details, purchase, or to see more from any of these brands, just click on the item and you’ll be redirected to the website.

Note: It’s autumn in most of western europe at the moment, which is the reason why i have incorporated a lot of coats in this edition. Also, please be aware that these items were selected based on my own personal fashion preference. 

Fashion isn’t necessarily about what is best, ‘IN’ or regarded by the majority as fashionable. Fashion is about what you prefer. Be your own kind of ‘fashionable’  – Shenny Kings

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Section 3- If you’re viewing from a mobile or a tablet, use the arrow on the right to see all items in this section.

What is/are your favorite(s)? let me know in a comment.

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