The Uptown Restaurant and Lounge | The Avenue Suites Lagos Nigeria.

As a lot of you already know from my previous post and on Instagram, I travelled to Ghana & Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Accra & Cape coast) from Dec 2014- Jan 2015. For a few days in Lagos, my Husband and I stayed at The Avenue Suites, Victoria Island, which I personally picked and booked online. I liked the hotel as much as I foresaw, it looked just as stunning as it appeared to be on the internet which, as you guys know, isn’t usually quite so when it has to do with hotels… As soon as we arrived, the hotel porter promptly helped put our luggage in a trolley and proceeded to our room; equally, our room looked representative of what I was led to anticipate based on the pictures online. We had a room which overlooked The Atlantic Ocean | The Gulf of Guinea, it was quite spacious and really clean.

There are two restaurants/bar at The Avenue Suites Hotel, one located at the lobby and the other at the 6th & 7th floor. The restaurant at the lobby served a buffet-style breakfast every morning from 7am-9am (I made it to breakfast only once because I was too lazy to get up the rest of the time haha!). I’d ‘PERSONALLY’ regard the breakfast as ‘basic’; the buffet was a combination of both English and a few traditional foods, it was adequate and acceptable but not outstanding, and as with everything in life, it could be upgraded.

The 6th level restaurant ‘The Uptown Restaurant and Lounge’, which also has a Sushi Bar, located at the 7th level, was just a floor from our room which made it quite easy for us to bounce in and out; and we did bounce in and out a lot… At first we’d go with the lift, we found that quite funny when we finally realized that we were just a few steps away. We ate at uptown EVERYDAY of our stay at The Avenue Suites (it was that good), sometimes lunch but ALWAYS dinner (we did try a seafood heaven called The Ocean Basket once)… I could sit all day and sort through the archives in my head for a reason to fault this restaurant and I’d never find; my husband who isn’t the easiest person to impress with regards to restaurants surprisingly had only great things to say about The Uptown Restaurant and Lounge, he’d go on and on about how faultless the dishes were to just about anyone who cares to listen. We tried a new main-dish everyday and there wasn’t one we didn’t like; the staffs were polite and i met the manager who at the last day of our stay gave me a complementary, i guess Calamari.

For dinner, we always had a three course meal and sometimes we’d have them bring the desserts to our room because ‘I’ couldn’t stuff in more. There’s particularly a really sweet and cheerful lady that i always loved to see, she worked at the night shifts and always had a smile on her face, she made quite some great suggestions that i ended up liking. Note, you do not have to be lodge at The Avenue Suites to eat at The Uptown Restaurant and Lounge.

I’d definitely recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a great hotel in Lagos, it is VERY easy to find, has a beautiful pool, a great restaurant, helpful and friendly staffs (went out at midnight to get us a headache pill).

This is my first Hotel/Restaurant review and I plan to do more of this in the future. Incase I have left out some details which I think I might have, do drop me your questions and I’ll give you my prompt and honest reply.





(All these photos were taken with my iPhone)

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