TONE down for what?!

Tone down for what?!

Hey guys, i trust you are well and enjoying this beautiful Sunday. Here’s exactly what is up with me; right now- It’s exactly **looks at the time** wow! Nov 2, 2:22 AM :D, and i’m lying on my bed rounding this up; however, it will not be up until i’m sure that y’all are back from church; not to generalize, it’s just; majority of my friends go to church…

Last week was exciting, my Facebook page went quite viral; and a lot of other exciting things happened; also, there’ll be an exciting post coming up soon about some products i received from a brilliant brand with the name Xsories. i’m super pumped up about it, you guys are JUST GONNA LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Ok guys, homegirl’s gotta hit the sack now.

Enjoy xx

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Crop top-Here  Here  Here or Here

High waisted jeans- Here Here Here or Here

Wool camel coat- Here Here Here or Here

Pink court shoes- Here Here Here or Here

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