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I have been meaning to put this out for the longest time. You know how sometimes you get into that emotional place of clarity that allows for thoughts to begin to occur to you? well, that’s exactly how i feel at the moment. I feel this way pretty often (especially at nights), and for the most part i just lay down and relish the moment, or sometimes i’ll take a walk and sit by the canal.

Although i’m pretty young; but through the living of life, I been able to garner some experiences and knowledge, all which has brought me to a blissful state of inner joy, clarity and love… But just like everyone else, i am on a journey of constant evolution as there’s never an end to growth. Life is for the purpose of eternal expansion and growth.

I do not write this to TEACH, as I can only teach through the clarity of my own example… I have an Instagram page ‘Inspirational Shift‘ dedicated to connecting with like minded people because in reality, these are the kind of conversations i find most enjoyable and pleasurable. It’s sunday and i’m feeling really happy and inspired, here are my Inspirational thoughts of the day.

The below stated aren’t the universal facts of life, neither are they conveyed to discredit other ways of thinking; these are just ways that resonate with me, and since this is my blog, i thought it’d be nice to share my thoughts with my audience. There are a diversified array of paths in life, and everyone is being constantly called to their path. There is no need to step out of your own path in order to discredit the path of another, because even what you might want to regard as a wrong path has been for some, the path that has, at the end, led to the greatest manifestation.

1) Be happy– the sentence ‘Be happy’ could of course be regarded as a cliché, but clichés are clichés for a reason. Through the living of life, I have been able to realize, as well as, come to know that- YOUR STATE OF MIND IS EVERYTHING. Think of yourself as a magnet attracting people, things, situations and experiences that match YOU; that is exactly how it works. You are more likely to have a bad day if you start off bad earlier on in the day; it is no coincidence, the truth of it is, you attract what you are at any point in time. Check out my post on : Your life is a reflection of your state of mind.

2) Be self oriented– Being self oriented implies being selfish enough to put your own emotions first. But before you click to exit from my blog, let me tell you how being selfish works for the good of all… I personally do believe that – if you aren’t selfish enough to attain what ever it is you wish to attain for your own self first, you can not give it to another, because you simply can not give what you lack. This goes back to number 1, If you aren’t selfish enough to put your own happiness first, you don’t get to be selfless enough to share it with others, because you can’t make others happy if you aren’t happy… How often do we see people being jealous of other people’s success, or how often do we see those who are insecure say bad stuff about others, this isn’t because they are bad people, they just can’t give beyond what they have, and if unhappiness and insecurity is what they feel, that’s what they’ll share; no one can genuinely act differently from how they feel. If you wish to be an uplifter, do not aim at telling others what to do, selfishly aim to be the change and you will naturally and effortlessly uplift others simply by reflecting the change.

To reflect it, you have to be it – Inspirational Shift

I was having a conversation with my really smart and beautiful niece (I love her to the moon and back) on new year’s eve, and this was our conversation.
Me: If you won a billion dollars, would you be happy?
Niece: SURE!!!!
Me: What if on your way home someone slapped you on the face, would you stop to get mad at them?
Niece: Ah, no oooo! I’ll continue rushing home with my money…
Me: You see! The way we act is always a pure reflection of our frame of mine. If for example, you had unpleasantly been stuck in traffic and someone slapped you from no where, the unpleasantness you already felt would be doubled, which will dominantly determine your reaction towards them; not because you are a bad person, but because it is only natural that- how you feel will always set your behavioural manner for the day.

Be selfish enough to route for your own joy, peace, confidence and stability first, because… Genuinely confident and joyful people naturally feel inclined to uplift, support and appreciate others. I state this from experience.

3) Be selective of the thoughts you give your attention to: Thoughts play a major role in our experiences; through your thoughts you can literally allow or disallow certain experiences from your reality. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, it is all a matter of what you, through your thought pattern, allow into your experience. The universe has a way of proving us all right; your experiences aren’t reality, they are merely the reality of your perception. Again, think of yourself as a magnet, if you do not believe that people are nice for example, it is highly unlikely that you will attract people that are nice.

And it is totally okay to be a complete jackass and screw up sometimes, everything is a potential for growth.

There’ll be another post on how ‘screwing up’ could translate into a pathway to greater clarity and joy; because really, nothing ever goes wrong on the long run.

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