The Productive Power of Momentum

There had been times in the course of my life when I dared not say, or at the least – consider myself a productive person, it was far from true and I dared not be caught uttering such gigantic lie. But things have changed as they should, and with the productive power of momentum, I took an Inspirational Shift.

When it has to do with creating momentum, there’s an absolute magic in the puny little boring steps! Great achievements are a combination of little steps. The tricky part is – These little steps are sometimes so tiny they have a tendency to appear inconsequential. The idea of setting goals and taking big gigantic steps to whip them into fruition seems the most appealing for various reasons such as – urgency, lack of patience; competition, or simply the need to get others to witness the power of our determination and ability to whip our goals into fruition in no time.

Fast manifestations are for the most part considered better, and are evidently the most sought after routes; to lose weight, make more money, find a partner, get a job, or to simply grow one’s online platform (This isn’t to condemn any act, but this is why people buy followers)… One of the major reasons for procrastination, I believe, is the determination to achieve things faster than we have a steady enough momentum to maintain. Momentum is one of my favorite words, it means absolutely EVERYTHING!

Procrastination – Over-thinking is another form of procrastination, i like to call it — the diluter of ideas. It is important to realize that ideas are like spotlights shinning on paths, not destinations. But when people go on an over-thinking quest, trying to uncover the results of a freshly conceived idea, it gets diluted; because of their inability to see vividly its destination. It is like trying to find out the result of a football match that has not commenced yet.

Great ideas create potentials for life-giving journeys , adventures, and evolution. When we treat ideas as paths to happy destinations, we’ve missed the point. The goals are only a path to the journey, and “journey” is where the “happy” lies, not the destination.

Creating a momentum – Isn’t it logical to expect that in order to get a bicycle to move, one has to pedal to begin an initial momentum, a momentum which will then carry one along and make for a more effortless ride; and sometimes, the slower we go, the easier it is to maintain and with time increase our pace without feeling overwhelmed. As stated earlier, little steps are sometimes so tiny they have a tendency to appear inconsequential, because we forget the power of momentum. The power of momentum can be seen in a lot of our daily life experiences, such as in the sex, which for the most part starts a lot slower until momentum takes charge.

Set it in motion, a baby step at a time – You’ll be amazed to see how setting something new in motion impacts your life. As stated in a previous post, the creation of this blog only arose from a need to set my idea in motion. When I began blogging, I honestly didn’t have much intended. I had a pretty simple intention of jumping in the stream of blogging and allowing for things to naturally evolve as I knew they would; therefore I decided on setting it all in motion. A lot has happened and my desires and goals have evolved, although incrementally, but immensely!

Momentum as an habit – The creation of momentum is the creation of habit, therefore if you’ve created, overtime, the momentum of habitual procrastination, it will play out a lot in your experiences.

An habitual momentum of procrastination cannot be stopped by deciding for once to get yourself together! You know you wouldn’t even need to get yourself together if you got a dime for every time you promised to get yourself together. As Abraham Hicks would say, trying to stop a strong momentum right away is like trying to stop a train all at once.

The Magic in the Puny Little Boring Steps – A strong habitual momentum of procrastination cannot be stopped but replaced. Set puny little goals and work your way up as the momentum increases. There is a higher tendency of procrastination with the huge steps than with the little steps. Create a goal that allows you to succeed, this allows you to gradually begin to see and expect yourself to be successful with your endeavors (a momentum of accomplishment). The truth of it is, the most important aspect of building a momentum of productivity begins with the way you see yourself, because your sense of self plays an immense role in the every aspects of your life.

Productive people are productive because that’s what they’ve come to naturally expect of themselves.

We often live up to our knowledge of ourselves, what’s your knowledge of self?

Above all, have fun!


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