Stepping back to step up.

No, you’re not crazy; it is true that I haven’t blogged in a awful long time. I did also state in a previous post that these posts might for a while not be as frequent as ­– they never were :p, and this will not be changing much for now.

I consider myself a very passionate person. I love, get inspired, and fixate very easily; and as such – through the living of life, I have garnered as many interests to keep me busy, frisky, passionate and interested for a very long time, if not for an entire lifetime. Blogging is one of such interests.

When I began blogging, I honestly didn’t have much intended. I had a pretty simple intention of jumping in the stream of blogging and allowing for things to naturally evolve as i knew they would; therefore i decided on setting it all in motion. A lot has happened and my desires and goals have evolved, although incrementally, but immensely!

I love blogging and I’d love to do this for as long as I find it emotionally fulfilling. I am grateful to have my platforms and audience. But I am also finding that certain things need to be placed before others, in order for things to play out more uninterruptedly.

There will be a few posts here and there; however, I will be unapologetically stepping back a little (esp with the fashion updates as they are more time consuming), but this is so that I can step up as ‘BIG TIME‘ as i intend, because – Mediocre isn’t really my forte.

Thanks for sticking around, and brace yourselves in advance, for there’ll be a lot of changes around here, you’ll see 🙂

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