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If you follow me on Instagram, you know i was recently in Rome, Venice, and Bologna. Also, did you see my previous post- ‘Roaming in Rome | St. Peter’s Square?‘, click here. One of my favourite aspects of travelling is that i get to try new hotels; do not get me wrong, i LOVE my home to the core!!! But there’s just something pleasurable about being utterly irresponsible, you know- Waking up to breakfast, not having to clean after your lazy ass etc 😀 . Just like my girl Poussey Washington – I want a job where i could just chill you know, get paid for travelling and trying new hotels and stuff, i mean that aint too much to ask, is it? 😀

As soon as i arrived in Rome – Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, i took a taxi straight to my hotel. Taxis to and from the airport in Rome (as far as i know) have fixed prices depending on your location; a few minutes and 48€ later, i arrived at Starhotels Michelangelo. Outside the hotel, i was welcomed by the hotel porter who came and took my luggage in; check in was pretty fast. I was issued a room on the sixth floor (because i requested) where i had a not-so-big view of the vatican but anyway, i still could see the vatican so i was pretty satisfied. I booked a room with a balcony just because… A balcony is worth a few extra bucks, plus i thought it’d be nice to sit there in solitude and meditate at night while enjoying the roman atmosphere; i find a huge amount of serenity in chilling outdoor alone, pure bliss!

Since Starhotels Michelangelo is just a four minute walk from the Vatican, it has been said to be well located by a lot of reviewers. Although, the friend of my friend, who is now my friend, 😀 stated that there are better tourist friendly hotels in Rome, and such hotels are situated right in the midst of the city centre. Whenever i needed transportation, i took the taxis (my hotel always organised one for me), therefore i can’t write much about the public transportation situation in Rome, but i will state this, – close to Starhotels Michelangelo is a bus stop where you can get a bus that goes to and from Termini station, i tried it once and it was okay.

Breakfast at Starhotels Michelangelo was toothsome!!! It was buffet-styled with mouth-watering amount of variety. I requested to have my breakfast in my bedroom once because… Let me be honest, i wanted to take a picture for the blog, and i needed privacy because; i had planned to photograph my breakfast from all angles 😀 , and even if, to a large extent it doesn’t bother me, i wasn’t in the mood for stares and eyeballs, too early for that! lol… Breakfast usually starts at 6:30am and ends at 11am, so if you’re a night owl like me, you’d still probably be able to make it to breakfast before 11am. I was at the breakfast room a couple of times (it’s spacious, clean, well organised and beautiful).

I headed for a quick breakfast one morning and the look on everyone’s face stated – ‘Where the hell is she going all dressed like that at 6:50am’; well children, i responded, spiritually and mentally projecting my thoughts back at them Che Cazzo fai!!! Momma is heading out for a photo shoot at St.Peter’s Square so, ciao bella and bellos! (or how ever one is to say that in italian)… I’m not sure they got that 😀

Here are some pictures of my room at Starhotels Michelangelo, ciao bella! Xoxo




Other pictures of Starhotels Michelangelo Rome, Italy. (The pictures below were obtained from

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