Since 1901

I’ve been MIA since 1901. Life’s been hectic, but in a really good way. There were times in the past when I wished to be as actively busy as I am now, these were times that – even though I had been joyfully lazying around all year round, I still went on a luxurious vacay when it was time for it. Not to come across as conceited, but i’ve always had it quite easy, at least ‘easy’ from my own perspective. Note that – the term ‘easy’ is relative; and in this case – relating to my own ‘subjective’ outlook on life. And of course having it easy isn’t a fact that one should be afraid to admit to, unless one is seeking justify one’s self worth through (one’s subjective definition of ) ‘hard work’. Everything can be as easy or as hard as we are willing to perceive or allow it to be.

These pictures have been in one of my drives since 1901 😀 . They were captured on a very blissful morning last spring; but as i got back home and went through them, I instantly pronounced them unworthy of my blog; I did that many times, i would literally trash pictures I spent hours taking… However, i no longer have the luxury of free time as i did back then, therefore i can no longer discriminate against pictures 😀

I’ll probably be MIA for a little more, but I’m working on a new post. I was out clicking the shutter on Saturday; you certainly want to keep stalking this page for a few days.

I hope everyone’s having a great life, I know I am 😉

Stay fun! Xx










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