This is unusual, i know! I’ve never been – 100% in the nude, or at least not on my blog. I like to go all out with the mustards, pinks; blues, reds, neons etc; however i grew up and gave my life to christ :DDDDD

I generally fancy items and men :p that sharply contrast against my skin tone, which is why often- i tend to incorporate a lot of colors into my outfit; however, i especially love how white contrasts precisely against my skin tone, but since i am extremely clumsy and impatient, I tend to often limit the whites that i wear to my shoes… I wore this dress for the first time though i’ve had it for about a year or two, way before i began blogging  (i’m like that).

Also, this outfit was featured on How blogger’s boogie party online’, be sure to check it out 🙂 

Stay slaying! Xx


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