Roaming in Rome | St. Peter’s square

A few days ago, i arrived back from a rather fun, yet enlightening trip to Italy. It all began last year when i randomly booked a ticket while laying on the sofa – just a few minutes after i impulsively felt the inspiration to go online and type in – ‘Best places to visit in europe’. I was feeling a little bit adventurous and therefore i decided that i’d go with the first country that pops up and take it as guidance. Expectedly, there were numerous posts on google, but after a few rounds of the Eeny meeny mini moe song, i finally ended up with ROME. Since i was going to be visiting Italy, i knew i had to make the best of it, which prompted me into more googling. A few minutes of googling later, i decided that i was gonna visit Venice also, but then i thought ‘Oh wait! i have an Italian friend i can talk to about this’; we spoke and it resulted into the addition of Bologna (he lives in Bologna) to my list of places to visit in ITALIA!!!

All these happened before i knew that i’d be going to Africa at the end of the year, as matter of fact, i had booked my hotels for my visit to Italy and all i had left to do was to impatiently wait for the date to arrive (Never had i been that fast, although i didn’t pack my bags until the midnight before i had to travel :D)

Life went on ‘as usual’ and i made other plans ‘as i should’. A few months later, i woke up in Nigeria, and a month after, I magically appeared in Ghana 😀 (Accra & Cape coast) with the Hussy. When i finally arrived back to my beloved Copenhagen, i somehow couldn’t deal with the fact that i had to travel AGAIN, in a week?! I thought, KILL ME NOW :D. Fortunately, a few days passed and i began to somehow look forward to this trip again, i began making plans to do something new which involved something as random as having my rebellious fro straightened for the first time in two years, NIGHTMARE!!! Maybe i’ll discuss this in another post.

I stayed in Rome for 6 nights at a hotel – Star Hotels Michelangelo (Click here for a review and pictures of my room). Star Hotels Michelangelo is located 4 minutes away from St. Peter’s Square which meant i ‘lazily’ made it my favourite spot. I never went into the Vatican, I KNOW!!!!!! i’m such a slacker; but regardless of this being true, that isn’t entirely the case. First of, there was no way you could ask me to stand in that long ass queue! (well i could skip if i wanted to). Secondly, to be honest, I… am… errm unfortunately quite lukewarm about these things, i just have a nonchalant or should i say neutral attitude towards historical attractions/monuments, i just find that i am generally incurious… All i want is to go somewhere new, experience some cultural everyday bits and take edgy photos :D. I enjoy the feeling of being in new places, with different people from different cultural backgrounds, and the spontaneous feeling of it all. For me, it is mostly about the NOW and EVERYDAY aspects as opposed to the historical bits.

Here are a few pictures from St Peter’s Square, some of them are dramatically or should i say ‘edgily’ edited because… i like ‘unusual’ :D. Scroll to the end for outfit links to the all black look above – That picture was photographed by an amazing photographer in Rome (edited by me). You definitely wanna hit her up if, like me, you’d like to have a picture of you taken in the St. Peter’s Square or elsewhere in Rome (Click here).

Ciao xoxo!




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