Not everyone likes to wear a lot of colours; but I do. Regardless of what the season is, I wear whatever colour I’m in the mood for… I generally do not follow trends or fashion rules; they are in my opinion not as significant as people make them out to be, albeit I get inspired here and there. I’m way too much of a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of lady to put certain things into consideration when making my decisions; I like to go with my inclination as opposed to — ‘what everyone is doing’.

I live in a country where almost everyone wears black all day everyday; people are literally like ninjas (I never mean anything in a bad way). Being dressed like I sometimes do implies that you’re gonna get a lot of stares, even in summer (I’m quite used to it), my assumption is that they admire my confidence so I always, with my body language, express my appreciation for their non-verbal compliments; needless to say, I don’t mind standing out… However, I do not go out dressed like this everyday; in real life, I am mostly way more practical than I appear to be (or not to be) on my Blog, but this isn’t about real life, this is about FASHION. Well, fashion is a part of real life, but you do know what I mean, don’t you?

Lately, i’ve been obsessed with sweaters, this mustard cropped sweater (I’m a sucker for anything mustard) is one of the many sweaters i picked up a few days ago on a day out window shopping, which turned out to be a day out shopping; ain’t mad tho! 😀

I hope you all are well and fine, I have listed all outfit details and links to where you can buy them below. Enjoy.

IMG_1400_new IMG_1393_newIMG_1378_newIMG_1398_new IMG_1399_newIMG_1377_new IMG_1418_new IMG_1411_newIMG_1388_new IMG_1470_newIMG_1431_newIMG_1502_new

 Sweater | Similar Here

Oversized coat | Similar Here

Dress | Similar Here

Shoes | Similar Here

Bag | Similar Here

Necklace | Similar Here

Stockings | Similar  Here

Recreate this polychromatic look

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