There are several stages to putting out posts; and ‘time’, needless to say, is fundamental to them all. I’ve been meaning to put this out for about week, but finding the time to do so happens to be the part where I’ve been snagged. Read More

Your action is an extension of your emotion | Inspirational Shift

I’m sure a lot of us can relate with the fact that when we feel good, we just naturally feel inclined to do good, it is like going with the natural flow of the stream, it gets so effortless you don’t need to paddle. Whereas, when you feel not-so-good, you try really really hard to keep your cool, and it gets very unsettling because your natural inclination conflicts with your ‘posed’ attitude – that’s the exact opposite of going with the flow, it is like paddling against the current of the stream, it’s a tough ride! Read More


You’d be mostly accurate if you’d always imagine me in socks and/or stockings, they are my favourite thing to wear. It could also be true that I am a little obsessed with socks, as sometimes I feel bare-assed without them. These pictures were shot in the rain; I recall cheerfully stepping out after the rain had finally seized, only for Read More

Starhotels Michelangelo | Rome Italy.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know i was recently in Rome, Venice, and Bologna. Also, did you see my previous post- ‘Roaming in Rome | St. Peter’s Square?‘, click here. One of my favourite aspects of travelling is that i get to try new hotels; do not get me wrong, i LOVE my home to the core!!! But there’s just something pleasurable about being utterly irresponsible, you know- Waking up to breakfast, not having to clean after your lazy ass etc 😀 . Just like my girl Poussey Washington – I want a job where i Read More