Stockholm, Sweden.

I visited Stockholm for a meeting in August for a little over 24 hours. It was spontaneous and I only purchased my ticket 24 hours before i had to leave. I stayed at the Scandic Sergel Plaza hotel, but i didn’t find and book this hotel until i arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Airport 😀 . Nice 4 star hotel but nothing spectacular really, the staffs were basic and so was my bedroom. Read More

Stepping back to step up.

No, you’re not crazy; it is true that I haven’t blogged in a awful long time. I did also state in a previous post that these posts might for a while not be as frequent as ­– they never were :p, and this will not be changing much for now.

I consider myself a very passionate person. I love, get inspired, and fixate very easily; and as such – through the living of life, I Read More

Edgily Feminine

I am tempted to leave this blank as I am almost falling asleep as I type, but that’s really ‘Unlike Shenny Kings‘. I have a REALLY busy week ahead of me, i also might have to catch a morning flight on Tuesday (early morning Read More

From Home to Rome, I Roamed

From Home to Rome, I Roamed

Earlier this year, I roamed away from home and mysteriously appeared in Rome 😀 . For more details on my trip, click Roaming in Rome | St. Peter’s square and Starhotels Michelangelo | Rome Italy. Unsurprisingly, I took a lot of pictures in the course of my trip; but I haven’t been exactly ‘hoarding’ these pictures, i just was never able to set out the time to upload them as I previously had intended. However, since i’ll be going on another trip in a Read More

Since 1901

I’ve been MIA since 1901. Life’s been hectic, but in a really good way. There were times in the past when I wished to be as actively busy as I am now, these were times that – even though I had been joyfully lazying around all Read More


This is unusual, i know! I’ve never been – 100% in the nude, or at least not on my blog. I like to go all out with the mustards, pinks; blues, reds, neons etc; however i grew up and gave my life to christ :DDDDD Read More