There are several stages to putting out posts; and ‘time’, needless to say, is fundamental to them all. I’ve been meaning to put this out for about week, but finding the time to do so happens to be the part where I’ve been snagged.

I know I’ve stated on several occasions that I get very busy sometimes. However, I AM REALLY BUSY these days. Apart from working sometimes and having a couple of other vital and random things to do, I’d never been left without much free time. A major update is that I recently enrolled into a very intensive Danish course; which by the way, I am TOTALLY digging. Also, my life is ‘in a really desirable way’ getting more detailed as I am beginning to realise that there are way more things I’d like to give my attention to and explore. I am setting a lot in motion, but this isn’t a TMI (too much info) tag, all will be incrementally revealed in due time.

These posts might for a while not be as frequent as ­– they never were :p, but only for a while… I hope you’re having a beautiful week, stay fun! 🙂

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Sheinside goodie update.

Happy Labour Day!

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