You’d be mostly accurate if you’d always imagine me in socks and/or stockings, they are my favourite thing to wear. It could also be true that I am a little obsessed with socks, as sometimes I feel bare-assed without them. These pictures were shot in the rain; I recall cheerfully stepping out after the rain had finally seized, only for it to begin again. Fortunately for me, I had long been swept into the photo-taking momentum; I was hesitant to head back home. And my camera you ask? Well, being disrespectful of gadgets is a curse that i’d never be able to overcome, I was born with such utter disrespect, but on the rosy side, being really really good with gadgets is an exact by-product of that. And yes, my camera survived it.

I am a photographer/video producer (some of you might already know this), therefore I photograph and edit my pictures myself, which implies that I put quite some work into the photo-taking process such as – going back and forth to replace and adjust my camera, moving my tripod around in heels whilst dragging my bicycle along, and sometimes freezing my butt off #LetsBeHonest! But as odd or contradicting as it might come across, I definitely do find some fun in the process, and I’ve learned a lot.

Often I get a lot of attention from passersby (I LOVE IT :p ), they always seem to find me entertaining. Also, I think it’s nice that they not only find the time to stare at my awesome-weirdness, but also to smile; I think they admire my confidence, and… Isn’t it absolutely logical that they would?! 😛

I hope you all are having a great easter holiday. Stay joyful to the best of your ability! Enjoy xx




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