Here’s to me dropping the oars. Welcome to my blog!

Without a precise knowledge of where this stream will lead, I’m on with the flow… There’s an immeasurable amount of inner peace and clarity in not knowing.

But first, Let me take a selfie Let me introduce myself. I’m a spiritually inspired & aligned twenty something year old final student of Sociology at the University of London international programme (London school of economics and political science), photographer, video producer, health & fitness lover, on air personality and a lot of bla bla.

I grinningly wag my head at the inevitability of all of these, it had always seemed so and here’s to me dropping the oars and going with the flow of the inevitable but unknown; so I say… welcome to my blog!

I will be honest as I mostly always am, I chose the phrase dropping the oars because; having a personal blog is a responsibility that I had always been quite petrified of, not necessarily because of the ‘responsibility’ factor but the ‘opinion of others’ factor. So, dropping the oars for me implies, finally going with the flow of what’s calling me, no longer paddling or dictating my destination but, in the words of Wayne Dyer LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD. Letting go of the assumptions we make up in our minds about what the opinion of others will or might be about our own choices, haha! That’s heavy… Today, I am blissfully at a stage in my life where; trying to reach a consensus with the peanut gallery is no longer a factor in my decision making, the path is unclouded; I see clearly now.

There’ll be a diverse variety of posts on this blog; mainly fashion & beauty but as well as photography, inspirational posts, DIY, fitness and health etc, so I’d really appreciate it if you could follow my blog with the simple act of entering your email in the little box on the right, if you’re viewing from a mobile; scroll to the extreme end and its right thurrr! Be sure to check your inbox, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm your subscription, click on the link and voila!

There’ll be a post in the nearest future on my outfit details as well as a video, i’m cooking up a lot of goodies, they smell disgustingly good haha.



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