Fresh n Comfy.

Hey guys :-). I trust you are well and enjoying this magnificent autumn coolness; because i really am. Now i’m back to taking my daily morning and sometimes, nightly walk; because for me, they serve as some sort of meditation, as these are the times i deliberately set out for the purpose of savoring the beauty of the season, as well as to luxuriate in the fresh early morning breeze, it really does set my day off on the right foot…

With regards to my outfit, you could probably tell how insane i am about vibrant colors. Homegirl took the fresh n comfy route on this one; compromise? i thought, NOT TODAY! I basically threw on my River Island spray print fluffy jumper, and layered with my knitted turtleneck double sided split sweater (My absolute fav! Which was what i wore on my trip to Norway in Sept)... I knew i wanted to wear a cap because i just could not be bothered with trying to get em fro edges to lay flat. With my intention of being fresh n comfy still in mind, i went with my nude quilted DKNY bag due to its size, as i didn’t have much to carry. And finally, seeing that i had quite some colors going on, i opted for my Adidas honey hook hightop, which obviously ties in with my face-cap and fits just right into the whole idea fresh n comfy. Tbh, it took me a while to realize how well the mustard and green reflection of my Jeepers Peepers sunglasses matched both with my pants and cap. Synchronicity at its best!

I hope you enjoy 🙂


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Sweater- Found none like it.

Jumper- | similar Here Here or Here

Pants- Here Here or Here

Sneakers- Here

Bag- | similar Here Here or Here

Cap- Here  or Here

Shades – Here

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  • temitope bakare

    D home girl comfy look is def working. Dis pictures r beyond beautiful.I MEAN IT.

    • Thank you so much Temmy for all your love and support, words can’t extras how much i appreciate you. Many many hugs xx

    • Thank you so much Temmy for all the love and support. Word can express how much i appreciate you. Many many hugs 🙂

  • Jenny

    The photography on your blog is amazing! camera and lens please?


    • Thanks a lot Jenny. Currently i use a Canon 600D but i alternate btw different types of lenses depending on what i’m going for, for this shoot i used a 50mm canon f1.8. Xx

  • Kemi Akio

    This post is so vibrant!. The outfit n photography ♡. Really nice. Waiting for the next post 😉

    • Thanks a lot Kemi, you’re soooo awesome!
      A new post will be up this weekend ♡ xx

  • Dope sunglasses. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria :