The fancy sweat pants & oversized coat.

Hey friends,  hope you’re all are doing well. Here are pictures from the video i recently posted on my Youtube channel,  be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already.

This was shot in my favourite spot (briefly discussed in my previous post). I was heading out to my friend’s anniversary where we basically had a cosy dinner at a really nice Chinese restaurant. But while i was getting ready,  i felt the impulse to do a really quick video which i honoured, if you haven’t seen the video yet,  i’ll link it at the end of this post.

Throughout the summer; i literally lived in cropped tops,  but apparently summer is over now so i need to get myself together and GET OVER IT… I’m a little bit excited though (actually i’m very excited) if not for anything; but for the fact i’ll be doing some autumn inspired Lookbooks as well as some OOTD/Ns; so be on the lookout.

xoxo2014-09-04 11.47.1610478353_10203881304660610_1797611189535048994_nScreenshot 2014-09-04 11.48.16Screenshot 2014-09-04 11.50.42Screenshot 2014-09-04 11.50.09Screenshot 2014-09-04 12.01.33


Outfit details

Top- Topshop

Sweatpants – River island

Oversized coat- Zara

Faux fur purse- Aldo

Sandals- Zara

Necklace- Aldo

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