(DIY) Deep conditioning treatment for achieving strong, thriving, healthy hair and scalp.

Just like everyone else, I’ve gone through multiple phases in my life. I remember vividly in the month of October 2012, I’ve had it with this hair! I said to myself. I had stumbled on a couple of hair videos on Youtube, my whole perception of long and healthy hair had been influenced tremendously; for good I’d add.

I closed my eyes, hoped for the best and went almost bald (went natural) in Jan 2013. That! Begun a whole new hair chapter… I could no longer deal with my hair so i was unwilling to jump on the ‘transitioning’  bandwagon. I soon began another phase of dealing with an unmanageable and unhealthy nappy hair due to the lack of hair care knowledge. I also  began searching for a magic portion for hair growth; almost simultaneously haha! But ultimately, through the good, ratchet and ugly, I garnered a ton of knowledge and experiences on how best to care for my hair and how my hair reacts to certain ingredients, win win! On the long run, nothing ever goes wrong

If your hair is rebellious or for some reason will not grow as a result of heaven knows why, you might want to take a look at your hair care practices and regimen. Everyone has a hair regimen; even an act of negligence towards your hair is a hair regimen.

When it comes to deep conditioners, which in my opinion is the most pivotal aspect of a healthy hair care; I’m all about the DIY lifestyle. I find making my own hair care products satisfying and fun, especially because they’re natural, have no label and as such promise nothing but deliver everything…

Last winter, I had an insane amount of free time; I’m the type to learn something new when I sense boredom creeping up, and so I began a fitness and health journey, which prompted me into studying more about the vitamins and minerals found in different types of food and how they contribute to the overall health of the body which somehow, along the trail of my study; made the idea of making facial masks and hair masks off fruits a little more appealing to me…. First of, I’m a foodie I’m a MAJOR foodie, but I had never really been the type to put food on my hair.

In this post I’ll be discussing and showing you step by step how i make my favourite DIY deep conditioner, which is incredibly versatile with regards to its benefits. This is one of my several DIY recipes that has particularly helped tremendously with the health and manageably of my hair, it can be used on straight, curly, kinky or relaxed hair with a huge amount of success. Without further ado, let’s begin…


– What you’ll need

– Your hair

– Mango

– Greek yogurt (I’m using 10% fat)

– Banana

– Coconut oil (You can use multiple oils or any oil of your choice, I prefer coconut oil because of its high level of polarity and saturation)

– Honey

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1. Make the mango and banana into a smooth pulp; I blended both at the same time.

2. Pour the pulp into a colander to get the fibers out, wiggle till you get about 60- 70 percent of the pulp out (do not force it or you’ll get the fibers in your deep conditioner)… If your hair is straight or wavy, you can skip this step. If your hair is tightly coiled, this is a very pivotal step; you don’t want the fibers clinging to your coils as they’re hard to take off, trust me.

Mangos are rich in Vitamin E, C and folate aka vitamin B-9, all these are vitamins you’d without a doubt find in all the effective hair growth vitamins being sold in the market.

Vitamin E plays a fundamental role in hair and scalp nourishment. Vitamin E is an antioxidant fat-soluble vitamin, antioxidants helps prevents free-radical damage on hair and scalp, it also a great moisturising agent.

Vitamin C helps build collagen which plays a major role in hair growth.

Hair growth depends on regular cell regeneration in the follicle and folate helps with cell division including hair cells, we all know the benefits of B-vitamin when it comes to the topic of hair health and growth.


3. Add 1 tbsp of honey  to the mix

Honey is a natural humectant which attracts and retains moisture, it draws moisture from the environment, this is because the sugar molecule in honey are strongly attracted to water and bond to it.

Raw honey also possess an anti bacterial effect, this is because when bacterias come in contact with honey, the honey molecules draws and absorbs moisture from the bacteria which then dries up the bacteria and kills it.





 4. Add as much coconut oil as you’d prefer

Coconut oil, due to it’s high level of polarity and saturation has the ability to penetrate the hair and bond with the protein structure of the hair which translates, if used consistently, into more healthy and resilient strands.

If you have itchy or flaky scalp, coconut oil has great anti fungal properties which makes it a phenomenal scalp treatment.

The polarity of a hair oil in a nutshell has to do with its ability to penetrate the hair or not, some oils just sit on the surface of the hair and as such are really great for sealing as opposed to oils that moves from surface to inside the cortex.

Most natural oils do penetrate the hair to some extent but some oils migrate more easily and faster into the hair fiber than others, and some oils do not penetrate whatsoever.

When considering a hair oil’s ability to penetrate or not penetrate the hair, two factors have to be weighed. 1) Its level of polarity. 2) its saturation level.



 5. Add as much greek yogurts as you’d like (i added about 3- 4 hefty spoons) and then mix.

For me, nothing moisturises better than greek yogurt, especially if your hair is dry and brittle. My hair isn’t dry and brittle but greek yogurt maintains the health of my hair.

If you need a slight protein treatment or if your hair doesn’t respond well to the hardcore protein treatments due to protein sensitivity, greek yogurt is a great bet.

If you’re like me and enjoy thick creamy conditioners, this is as thick as it gets.

I deep condition my hair every week using greek yogurt, it is always a part of my mix and sometimes when i’m feeling lazy, i use just greek yogurt.

Hair is slightly acidic with the pH of 4.5-5.5 and greek yogurt has a pH of 4.5 and 5.0 which makes it a great pH restoring treatment for the hair.


Et voila! Here’s the finished product, a thick vitamin rich deep conditioner with a ton of scalp and hair benefits. 100% natural, no chemicals, no parabens.

You can also use the left over as a face mask.

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If you have any suggestions, queries or requests, please let me know in a comment or send me an email on contact@shennykings.com.

Thanks for visiting xoxo.

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