First things have been put first. I’m back!

I’ll keep this brief.

Although I’ve temporarily lost the blogging mojo, however; I miss blogging, or at least occasionally writing down my thoughts on this public space of mine.

So I’m back as promised. In one of my previous posts, I did state that I would step back from blogging a bit, just so I could put a few important things in place; which would then enable me the luxury of the time that it requires to update more often than I did in the past.

So let me briefly fill you in… Read More

Stepping back to step up.

No, you’re not crazy; it is true that I haven’t blogged in a awful long time. I did also state in a previous post that these posts might for a while not be as frequent as ­– they never were :p, and this will not be changing much for now.

I consider myself a very passionate person. I love, get inspired, and fixate very easily; and as such – through the living of life, I Read More

30 weird, random and hilarious freaking facts about me.

Hey guys, i hope you are all doing well and fine. I’m on a one hour transit in Stockholm, flying back home from Norway. I’m the only one who isn’t on a direct flight on our way back, so i’m pretty much here alone. It’s awesome anyway, because this gives me the chance to go with the flow of this idea and write up a new post while i wait for my connecting flight. Okay, I’ve done this tag in the past prior to the creation of my website, i did write a couple of facts about me and posted them as the caption to my photo on Instagram, but even facts about people change and since i’ve gone through a lot of changes, here is an updated 30 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME. I hope you enjoy 🙂 Read More