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The Productive Power of Momentum

There had been times in the course of my life when I dared not say, or at the least – consider myself a productive person, it was far from true and I dared not be caught uttering such gigantic lie. But things have changed as they should, and with the productive power of momentum, I took an Inspirational Shift.

When it has to do with creating momentum, there’s an absolute magic in the puny little boring steps! Great achievements are a combination of little steps. The tricky part is – These little steps are sometimes so tiny they have a tendency to appear Read More

Your action is an extension of your emotion | Inspirational Shift

I’m sure a lot of us can relate with the fact that when we feel good, we just naturally feel inclined to do good, it is like going with the natural flow of the stream, it gets so effortless you don’t need to paddle. Whereas, when you feel not-so-good, you try really really hard to keep your cool, and it gets very unsettling because your natural inclination conflicts with your ‘posed’ attitude – that’s the exact opposite of going with the flow, it is like paddling against the current of the stream, it’s a tough ride! Read More

Your life is a reflection of the beliefs you hold.

Whether you think you can or can’t,  you’re right.  Henry Ford

Whatever your beliefs are,  you’re right! And this does not imply that someone who holds a different perspective from yours is wrong,  you create your own reality therefore,  whatever you believe becomes true for you… The prime question always remains,  what do you want to be right about? Because the truth of it is,  you get to choose.

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Here’s to me dropping the oars. Welcome to my blog!

Without a precise knowledge of where this stream will lead, I’m on with the flow… There’s an immeasurable amount of inner peace and clarity in not knowing.

But first, Let me take a selfie Let me introduce myself. I’m a spiritually inspired & aligned twenty something year old final student of Sociology at the University of London international programme (London school of economics and political science), photographer, video producer, health & fitness lover, on air personality and a lot of bla bla. Read More