Edgily Feminine

I am tempted to leave this blank as I am almost falling asleep as I type, but that’s really ‘Unlike Shenny Kings‘. I have a REALLY busy week ahead of me, i also might have to catch a morning flight on Tuesday (early morning Read More

From Home to Rome, I Roamed

From Home to Rome, I Roamed

Earlier this year, I roamed away from home and mysteriously appeared in Rome 😀 . For more details on my trip, click Roaming in Rome | St. Peter’s square and Starhotels Michelangelo | Rome Italy. Unsurprisingly, I took a lot of pictures in the course of my trip; but I haven’t been exactly ‘hoarding’ these pictures, i just was never able to set out the time to upload them as I previously had intended. However, since i’ll be going on another trip in a Read More

Since 1901

I’ve been MIA since 1901. Life’s been hectic, but in a really good way. There were times in the past when I wished to be as actively busy as I am now, these were times that – even though I had been joyfully lazying around all Read More


This is unusual, i know! I’ve never been – 100% in the nude, or at least not on my blog. I like to go all out with the mustards, pinks; blues, reds, neons etc; however i grew up and gave my life to christ :DDDDD Read More


There are several stages to putting out posts; and ‘time’, needless to say, is fundamental to them all. I’ve been meaning to put this out for about week, but finding the time to do so happens to be the part where I’ve been snagged. Read More


You’d be mostly accurate if you’d always imagine me in socks and/or stockings, they are my favourite thing to wear. It could also be true that I am a little obsessed with socks, as sometimes I feel bare-assed without them. These pictures were shot in the rain; I recall cheerfully stepping out after the rain had finally seized, only for Read More