Black x White ‘Za monochrome affair’

Hey lovelies. I hope you’re all well and fine, and incase you’re wondering, i’m doing TERRIFIC! Lately, i’ve been doing a lot of thinking in retrospect; which triggered within me, the blissful realisation that life’s been a billion times more incredible than I’ve acknowledged, i feel like the previous two years of my life has been the most uplifting times of my existence, and i’d usually describe this as the HOLY SHIFT phase point of my life. By ‘Holy shift’, I’m implying a change in perspective which has resulted into an overall renewing, reorienting and freeing experience… Life’s good! And i have taken it upon myself  (as best as i can at any moment in time) to shine nothing less than a spotlight on the well-being and goodness that exists in the world, in others, and in myself.

These pictures were taken by a very lovely friend (i could go on and on about how much of an incredible person and photographer she is) and were edited by me. On this beautiful day, we had a phenomenal time together eating and catching up. We later on decided to head out and get a little more out of the day by taking these beautiful pictures… I’ve been a little extra-obsessed with white lately, and i wanna go as far as stating that perhaps it is a thing with how well it complements my dark skin, but i won’t go cocky on y’all haha! Be the judge (-:








Outfit details

SheInside Jacket – Here

Dress- H&M

Stockings- Asos

Wallet – DKNY

Shoes- Debenhams

Accessories – ALDO & H&M


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