30 weird, random and hilarious freaking facts about me.

Hey guys, i hope you are all doing well and fine. I’m on a one hour transit in Stockholm, flying back home from Norway. I’m the only one who isn’t on a direct flight on our way back, so i’m pretty much here alone. It’s awesome anyway, because this gives me the chance to go with the flow of this idea and write up a new post while i wait for my connecting flight. Okay, I’ve done this tag in the past prior to the creation of my website, i did write a couple of facts about me and posted them as the caption to my photo on Instagram, but even facts about people change and since i’ve gone through a lot of changes, here is an updated 30 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME. I hope you enjoy 🙂

  1.  I love my mom so much it makes me cry.
  2.  I can wiggle my ears without moving any part of my body (it’s weird).
  3.  I think Rats are super cute.
  4.  I do not like chocolates or candies.
  5.  I am easily inspired (not easily influenced).
  6.  I’m a night owl.
  7.  I laugh easily.
  8.  My priority isn’t to analyze people, but to think good thoughts about anyone that crosses my mind, i like to think of my mind as a pure positive atmosphere.
  9.  I’m a all or nothing kinda girl. For the most part, when i go for things (esp when i’ve voluntarily decided to), i really GO…
  10.  I am not religious, although i have nothing against religion, it just ain’t my cup of tea.
  11.  Sometimes i  think ‘wow, i’m lucky to be me’… Only because i’m the coolest person i know :p.
  12.  I don’t gossip.
  13.  My joints make click sounds when i tiptoe, so if i were to sneak into your room while you were sleeping, unless you’re a heavy sleeper like me, you’d wake up.
  14.  I don’t watch the news. I prioritize the things i do based on how they make me feel, and for me, the idea of “being informed” is the lamest excuse for sitting and being fed with negativity on replay. (Nothing against news watchers, i sincerely love and have deep respect for the personal choices of others)… Just because i’m not for it, doesn’t mean i’m against it.
  15.  Here’s something i haven’t talked about a lot. I used to be a dancer and then later became a part of a singing group  ‘4 wheel drive’. We were four and i was the only girl, we did about three songs in a super cheap studio and somehow we gradually we fell apart… I thought we were gonna be black eyed peas, we had a dream lol.
  16.  I wasn’t tagged to do this :p.
  17. I hardly eat junk but i eat late at night.
  18. I adore being alone.
  19. I grew up in a family where we’d just randomly make fun of; and tease each other. Plus, I have like the coolest grandma in the world, really i do… I love her to the moon and further.
  20. Tbh, i get some sorta butterflies when i receive a blog comment notification email.
  21. I am married to a perfectionist.
  22. I am super clumsy but it doesn’t bother me.
  23. Tears roll from my eyes when i use the ladies, its hereditary.
  24. I get “you have a beautiful smile” a lot.
  25. I’m sitting here wondering if; the fact that i’m actually enjoying the process of writing this makes me cocky. haha!
  26. I don’t blame, i can’t recall the last time i blamed anyone for anything.
  27. I’m a libra, and i have a very liberal perspective too…
  28. I have the most annoying sisters in the world :p but i can’t imagine my life without them.
  29. I used to wish i had a twin or that i had a brother haha, now I’m over it.
  30. I don’t like soda.
  31. When i like things, i abuse them (i do them a lot) lol.
  32. I’m quite a heavy sleeper but it’s weird that each time i wake up from sleep i usually can recall what the people in my surrounding said while i was asleep. For the most part, the things i hear in my sleep state translate to me as dreams.
  33. Here’s more than 30 facts but i won’t disclose this in the title :p.

Okay i had wayyyy too much fun writing this, a lot of memories were triggered :D… What are some random facts about you? Let me know in the comment section, if you’ve done this tag please drop me a link to it, i’d like to check it out.



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