First things have been put first. I’m back!

I’ll keep this brief.

Although I’ve temporarily lost the blogging mojo, however; I miss blogging, or at least occasionally writing down my thoughts on this public space of mine.

So I’m back as promised. In one of my previous posts, I did state that I would step back from blogging a bit, just so I could put a few important things in place; which would then enable me the luxury of the time that it requires to update more often than I did in the past.

So let me briefly fill you in… Read More

Restaurante Toro Bravo, Puerto Rico

In November 2015, I visited three of the Canary Islands, although I had previously been to Gran Canaria in 2010. There’ll be another post dedicated to this in the coming days.

I thought however to do a pre-intended review on Toro Bravo; which is a restaurant we visited a couple of times during our stay in Gran Canaria.

Toro Read More

Tales from Oslo, Norway

IMG_2036I wish I didn’t have to take a pause from blogging and slow down the momentum as much as I did. The problem with slowing down momentum is… it takes a while to get it moving again.

I recently visited the breathtaking city of Oslo. Although I’ve been to Norway previously (mostly Drammen) for work, which didn’t involve any form of ‘touristing’ whatsoever; this however Read More

The Productive Power of Momentum

There had been times in the course of my life when I dared not say, or at the least – consider myself a productive person, it was far from true and I dared not be caught uttering such gigantic lie. But things have changed as they should, and with the productive power of momentum, I took an Inspirational Shift.

When it has to do with creating momentum, there’s an absolute magic in the puny little boring steps! Great achievements are a combination of little steps. The tricky part is – These little steps are sometimes so tiny they have a tendency to appear Read More